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Rachel e Marion Corrêa Lima


My mother and I are egging for three year. We are beginners but we try to do all type of eggs. My preference is dioramas, faberge-styles, decoupage and bas relief eggs.

I have been searching for many diferent kinds of hand-crafts to do my eggs.

All the eggs below are made in real goose eggshells (+/- 9 cm) and hand decorated.
Oratório I - Close / Open
Oratório II - Close / Open
Old Days
Christmas Time I
Christmas Time II - Close / Open
Christmas Time III
Christmas Time IV - Front / Back
Christmas Time V
Toca do Coelho
Angels I - Front / Back
Angels II - Front / Back
Angels III - Front / Back
Angels IV
Buda - Front / Back / Open
Photo - Close / Open
Wedding egg 1
Wedding egg 2
Diorama - Close / Open
Murano I
Murano II
Lady I
Lady II
Cameo I
Cameo II
Cameo III
Little Girl I - Close / Open
Little Girl II
Heart I
Heart II -  Close/ Open
Butterfly egg

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